Reading gems

This quote from a teacher showed up in reading today and resonated with me. I think I may need to create a poster and stick it to my wall with it!

“My thought was not that children are averse to reading, but our goal was to create this love and culture for reading that went deeper than what you sometimes see in a typical first-grade classroom. Some of my kids when they come into first grade think reading is a set of skills: ‘I have to practise my sight words’ or ‘I have to read these decodable books.’ It wasn’t necessarily about enjoying a good story and understanding it. Because it’s so skills-based in kindergarten, and sometimes in low SES (socioeconomic status) schools, we focus so hard on decoding interventions, and we’re giving them all these prescriptive strategies, that it’s really hard for teachers to find time to foster that love of reading that’s going to stick with them throughout their education. I think that the love of reading that we develop goes deeper than just kids liking to read: it’s kids forming relationships around books; it’s developing a sense of what they like to read and not just what they’re told to read, and developing a sense of their identity as a reader.”

Reading gems

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