The Point of Poetry

Ok, so I finally get it. I get why people read poetry. And it is because of this wonderful collection of poems by Carol Ann Duffy, that I read as part of my 2017 reading harder challenge. 16 books my Mum had as her bedside books before she died.


This one unlocked for me the beauty of a book of poems. The joy of dipping into it and reading something that may comfort or challenge you. My copy of this is now worn at the edges, stained slightly in places (with marmite and tears…), and will remain as one of my bedside books from now on.

One reason this book spoke to me at this time, I think, is that several of the poems were around the subject of the Carol’s own mother’s death. The heart-wrenching Water will forever speak to me and bring tears to my eyes.

It is also the simple, everyday language in the poems. These are not hoity-toity poems that you need a doctorate to understand. These are poems that anyone could read and enjoy. Also, Carol Ann Duffy, is pretty much a rockstar of poetry, so how could I not love them?

For more flippant reasons, The Bees also felt like it was my book, as a nickname of mine since Uni years is Bee. My parents took hold of this nickname, and have ever since bought me things with bees on them. Slightly strange as not many other things survived my Uni years, but I’ll take it.

This is the kind of book I would buy to give to others, randomly pressing it into their hands and saying “you must read this”. (if I had enough money to buy books to press into people’s hands…) Savour this one, fellow readers…


The Point of Poetry

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