Love is all you need? #oneword2017

I wasn’t going to have a #oneword this year. Last year’s word was “afresh”, and while I did reflect on that during the year (and in actual fact, it was a year of many fresh starts!), it didn’t impassion me as much as I had hoped.

Having said that, my word for this year came to me without even thinking it over. It just popped up when I briefly turned my mind to the question. And then it wouldn’t leave.



Simple right? And yet also exceedingly complex. Even my three-year-old daughter is learning the complexities of love. She will tell us she “lubbs” us, yet she can also say “I love this song” fittingly when her jam comes on the radio. Two quite differing loves, but both important.

My Mother left us with the wisdom that “what survives of us is love”. This comes from a poem by Phillip Larkin called An Arundel Tomb. She also quoted the Beatles – all you need is love. Mum knew that she would remain alive in our hearts through our love for her and her love for us. So, love was on my mind, and that’s probably why it popped up for me.

So, what am I thinking here? Am I planning on falling in love during the school year? Do I feel like I need to love all my students? Ummm, no.

I’m going here on the meaning of love more as “caring for”, doing things “with love”. Care is a very important concept in education. Students all need their teachers to care for them and care about them. Care also has an element of empathy, and I think my students need that especially.

That term “with love” is what I’m going for. I was interested to google and discover it stems from the bible . Mother Teresa even said something cool about it.


This year I will try to have passion, love, for what I do. I will try to care for my students and show empathy for the difficulties that they may face. I will try to show love towards myself when things don’t go as expected or when I fail, mindful that that is all a part of learning and living.

We’ll see how it goes!


Love is all you need? #oneword2017

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