Books from my Mother’s Bedside (#bedsidebooks)

My Mother’s death just before Christmas was a shock and has left a gaping hole in my life. Grief is a funny beast, and I am just now starting to feel the reality of this situation nagging at the sides of that hole as I settle back down into “real life” again.

The hole will never be filled, but I have developed a small tribute to Mum that I will try to patch part of it with in 2017.

My Mother was a voracious reader, as I am myself. She was a fast reader, devouring books in very short time frames. We shared a love for Jane Austen and Jamie Fraser in particular. I remember a very happy trip together to Jane Austen sites; Bath, Chawton, Winchester…I also remember my Mother saying there wasn’t much that couldn’t be cured by “a week in bed with Jamie Fraser”!

When I was with my Mother in her last weeks, I planned having her read poems and tell stories and record them for us to listen back to. Unfortunately, time got away on us, and all went too fast at the end. She did say that she should talk about her “bedside books”. My parents house has many books in it, but these ones by her bedside seemed to be special in some way, or possibly have been useful for her, or meant something to her in recent times.

So, what I have decided is to try and read all of those books this year. I had intended to try and do the Read Harder Challenge 2017, but I think this is more fitting for me in the circumstances. This will not be an easy challenge for me, as many of Mum’s books are non-fiction, something I am not enamoured of usually. I’d also like to try and read them in physical form, hopefully without them costing the earth (please have some local library!).

I will write about each of them as I finish reading them. If I get it done in the year, awesome, if it takes me longer, that’s all good too. Getting myself away from reading YA fantasies will be a hard task…particularly as that is my comfort reading, and I think this year will require some comfort from time to time.

So, what do you reckon? Do you have your own reading challenge this year? Have you read any of my bunch?

The 16 books I will be reading are:

Thanks Mum for the challenge…x

Books from my Mother’s Bedside (#bedsidebooks)

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