The excitement of a single student

Hi there.

Well, I am 3 weeks into my new job as a Resource Teacher of Literacy and it is indeed a different kettle of fish to classroom teaching. But I was expecting that.

Unexpected changes were: I need to go to the toilet more often (and I get to go to the toilet more often), my bum hurts more from sitting longer than usual (I think my chair is inferior), I’ve bought more books than I thought possible, I’ve enjoyed weekends where I didn’t always have one (or twenty) thoughts on school, and I’ve been lonelier than I thought I would.

That last one needs explaining – as teachers it is easy to become overwhelmed by students. We love holidays, there is no denying it. But not because we are lazy. That is the time when we can look at our job without being in it at the deep end. It is time to look and reflect without the added pressure of needing to be there for your students. I haven’t had that in my job (yet) as I don’t have any current students (yet). And surprisingly, I’ve missed it.

I thought it would be great to have the 5 weeks I was given to settle in and get into the swing of things, and I have. Truly. But I didn’t realise I would miss the students as much as I have. So much so, that when I decided in the weekend to let 5 weeks go hang, and that I would see my first referred on student on Monday, I got excited!

And it was like pre-performance excitement. I dreamt about it! You know those dreams you get when the Summer is ending and you know you have to go back to school and you start having nightmares about all the worst case scenarios? Those dreams. I started worrying, I started planning, I started hoping.

I realised that must be a sign that I enjoy teaching (sometimes over the years I have wondered you know – it is a tough job!). If I can get excited at the prospect of teaching a single student for 30 minutes, I must have got something right when I chose this profession!

Bring it on!


The excitement of a single student

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