FYI and why oh why is it not happening more?

As I read things for my literature review for The Mind Lab, I came across some fascinating reports that showed that people are making suggestions for the improvement of education in NZ and the move towards more 21st century learning practices in our schools.

However, from my experience, from other readings, and from talking with other teachers, this move is not happening in any sort of widespread scale. Why, oh why, I ask?

I’m not sure I feel entirely qualified to talk about this as I can only speak from my own experience, but I thought it would be good to put some of these articles out there for others to read. I know I had to search quite a bit to find them!

  1. This was a report done for parliament by the Education and Science Committee in December 2012. It emphasises that it is important to have the pedagogy behind using technology and that digital literacy in students is vital for their success in the modern world.

Inquiry into 21st Century Learning Environments and Digital Literacy

2. Download the full print version of this one from this link. It is only 4 pages, although comes from a larger report. This one outlines what it means to be a 21st Century learner and the implications for teachers.

NZC curriculum update October 2012

3. This one, from the 21st Century Learning Reference Group (?!), has wonderful little snippets at the end of each section with recommendations for the Ministry of Education. It talks again of the importance of digital technologies in students’ lives and the effective use of them. Also puts the case for more equity in digital technology distribution and use in NZ.

Future Focused Learning in Connected Communites

4. My final one is the one I think is the most amazing. How can this amazing vision for education in NZ in 2025 not have reached the teaching populace on a larger scale? I would hazard a guess the majority of teachers don’t even know it’s a thing. I know it’s just a draft, but come on! This is important stuff and needs to be starting to be put into effect now.

2025 vision for NZ education system


How many more hidden gems are there around I wonder? When will it all begin (I know many have begun, but when will it begin  on a more “normal” and less “pockets of promise”?)?



FYI and why oh why is it not happening more?

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