What’s your teaching song?

Today in #BFC630NZ (check it out – we chat one education related question a day at 6:30am NZ time for 15 minutes) we discussed books that have inspired us. I had so many, that I will be writing a blog post with them all in sometime soon.

It also got me remembering my teaching songs.

When I was finishing up my teaching diploma at Vic in 2007 our tutor played us his teaching song. The one that makes him go – yeah, that’s teaching. And you know what? It has been that for me. The song that when I hear it I think, this is it. We’re a team. A collaboration.

That song is…

I have one more. This one is one that got me after some tough times teaching. Back to the team again. We are better together. Also, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and try again. All teachers have to do that at different times in their careers.

This song, played to me by some students first, is…


So, what’s your teaching song? I’d love to know.

What’s your teaching song?

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