Student engagement measured via bracelet?

We read this article for Mind Lab today: Galvanic Skin Response Bracelet

If you fancy a scare, read it.

My thoughts on this are – why do we need it? If you can’t tell that your students are disengaged, you might not be paying attention enough. They will tell you what you need to know without use of a freaky controlling skin response bracelet.

And as for using it to evaluate teachers – ummm, please no! All I can say to this is luckily most schools would never have enough money to afford them so it would never happen. Although I am wondering if it would be fairer than looking at data. I would rather be judged on engagement than test scores.

I think the use of wearable technology like this will be a wee way in to the future, but other forms of it are here and much more affordable, practical, and interesting.

This could be interesting to use in class: Greg Gage’s Ted talk


Student engagement measured via bracelet?

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