What is knowledge?

This was a question posed to us during our mindlab session.

Is it a noun?

Is it a verb?

What are we aiming for here?

Whenever I think of the word knowledge, this poem pops in my head. It’s by New Zealander Laura Ranger and she wrote it when she was like 7 years old or something equally amazing.



Two Word Poem By Laura Ranger 

The toad sat on a red stool

it was a toadstool

The rain tied a bow in the cloud’s hair

it was a rainbow.

Which witch put sand

in my sandwich?

I stood under the bridge,

then I understood.

I sat on the ledge and

thought about what I know.

It was knowledge.


I love how this poem so simply dissects language and yet also seems to be making a deep statement about knowledge at the end. A more in depth analysis of the poem can be found here.

Looking back and thinking about what we know is truly a key to understanding learning and knowing what knowledge is. Metacognition, learning to think, learning to learn, thinking about thinking and thinking to learn.

Our knowledge is us.


What is knowledge?

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