Connections make us stronger

Yesterday I dragged my tired-post-school camp self out of bed at 7:30am and drove almost an hour on no coffee to The Mind Lab in Petone. I thought I could grab a coffee on the way, but didn’t manage it. Why inflict such pain on myself you ask? Well, it was the beginning of my post graduate study for the Applied Certificate in Digital and Collaborative Learning.

It’s going to be a long road, and, as life is busy, as it is for all us teachers and parents and, well, people, probably a stressful one. But, I remember when I first heard of the course and how incredibly excited I felt – to the point where even a coffee wasn’t necessary to keep me going that day! This is what education needs, people to be excited and enthused and inspired about the new developments in teaching and learning. Change needs to happen and it needs to start now. So, yesterday I began, in spite of the exhaustion and the itchy bites from camp and the fact my husband deserved some time out from the kids and the lack of a decent coffee!

Immediately I felt better. Here was a place to discuss change, to start to make change happen. Change isn’t always easy and although I try to make changes in my own classroom, I am usually only varying degrees of successful. I think it helps to have others to talk to and collaborate with on the journey. Actually I think it is vital. This is why I would love to do some team teaching and to work in a more “ILE” type of way with other teachers.

So, here’s the funny thing, another teacher doing the course was a “co-teacher” of mine. We had worked together on the Global Read Aloud in Term 4 last year. This made me realise I’d ALREADY begun to change – I’d already started to connect with others in order to make the learning experience for my students better. We immediately had things to talk about, and, along with the others, my classroom began to get bigger again! Connecting with the world makes it bigger. Stronger.

I may not always succeed in the changes in my classroom, but I’m trying. I’m beginning. And along with others we will be the dancing guy in the video we were shown at Mind Lab …Dancing Guy creates a movement



Connections make us stronger

One thought on “Connections make us stronger

  1. Your school and your learners are so lucky to have you … the change journey is not easy but boy can it be satisfying (as you know) … you have had MANY successes. Being connected is something I have recently included in a blog post (Nga mihi) as it was on Twitter that I found my tribe when I really felt lost. Keep on truckin’ girl … your husband is amazing and your kids will understand one day how important this all is… it is with them in mind as to why we are working for change:)


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